If you were wondering about hiring Luba as your wedding planner, look no further, she is the best! My experience with Luba was fantastic! During my wedding planning, I constantly spoke about her to my friends and family on how great she is, and I would refer her to anyone I know. Luba provided everything I asked for and more. After speaking to her once over the phone, and communicating regularly through email, she grasped all of my ideas and made it happen. She provided me with all of the vendors for my wedding, with a variety of options to choose from. She was very mindful and attentive to my budget by helping me hire the right vendors which would not exceed what wanted to spend. Luba also has fabulous taste in decor! She had a lot of good advice for decorating, made a lot of good economical suggestions, and not to mention, she arranged my reception to be as beautiful as I had imagined! The communication with Luba was excellent! She was very quick to respond to all of my emails and answer any of my questions. One genuine trait I admired about Luba a lot, was that even if she didn’t know the answer to something, she was sure to find out and get back to me immediately.

As favors for the wedding, we had Luba order mini tequila bottles for all my guests. She also helped organize for an event the day before the wedding and day after. The day before the wedding, we scheduled a dinner cruise for all of my guests to get together on the Cabomar. The day after, we had brunch on the beach at Mango Deck. Cabo is amazing, and I will return with my husband, family and friends as often as possible. As far as transportation to and from the airport, Luba had also suggested the driving company, Impala, for all my guests to use conveniently.

As skeptical as I was to plan a destination wedding, Luba made everything so easy! I honestly wouldn’t have known what to do without her!


Luba, sólo queremos agradecerte el gran apoyo brindado durante estos meses de presión, nerviosismo, y grandes retos que se fueron presentando durante la organización, nada de la planeación y éxito de la boda hubiera sido posible sin tu dedicación y profesionalismo, aún pese a la coordinación a distancia, tu apoyo hizo en muchos sentidos la diferencia de manera positiva, gracias por hacer de nuestro día un gran día, todo salió perfecto y nos sentimos muy agradecidos contigo y toda la gente que lograste alinear para cumplir el objetivo de ser muy felices ese día y pasarla genial, te mandamos un fuerte abrazo y que dios te bendiga, slds.


Dear Luba,

We are happy to write this letter to express our gratitude to you for our daughter’s wonderful wedding. When we thought of this letter of recommendation, we did not know if it was possible to express how wonderful everything was in a few words. We thought to ourselves how can we sum up the patience, beauty, and organization you brought to our daughter’s wedding day in a letter. So we will try our best! You entered Regina and Ryan’s wedding planning with a presence that fit perfectly. You gracefully helped them with every aspect and more throughout the days leading to May 17, 2013.
You made sure all the little things were perfect and all the perfect things were wonderful. The recommendations you made for flowers, the judge, the photographer were impeccable! From the venue, to the menu, from hair and make up to the Bridal suite, steamer for the dress and nerves that were a mess; each step you and your wedding vendors took for the wedding day really left an impression. We were very fortunate for the Thurlow-Kelley families to have the “most perfect” wedding day. It would not have been the same without you.
Lastly, I know Regina had a wonderful time planning her wedding day over the phone with you and finally in person. Even though you were thousands of miles away she felt like she was there and every detail was exactly what she wanted. As a result of all the emails, texts, and calls, our Princess had her fairy tale wedding. Thank you again for being a part of the wedding day. We hope in the future we will be able to do another event with you. (We have 2 more children.)

Warmest Regards,
Barb and Mike Thurlow


Luba is an wonderful person to work with during the wedding planning process. Besides her expertise, professionalism and quality of service; she became a confidant and friend. I trusted her opinions on which vendors would be best for our vision and it worked out beautifully. The vendors she recommends are as amazing to work with as Luba is- they became one team working for the common cause of making this the best day possible.

Luba is the best!!! She immediately emails or calls you back and is always there to answer any questions you have. She helped out so much from easing differing opinions, to reminding you of things you would have never known to do, and was so key in directing our ceremony. I loved having  her because I couldn’t handle  planning my wedding from LA to Cabo it would been impossible without her help.


She even got up super early to complete my seating chart for me the morning of the wedding 🙂 She is so organized and on top of everything and has anything you may find yourself needing in that bag of hers! If you’re a worrier like I am, she is amazing at reassuring you everything is going to be fine and if something does go wrong she is there to take care of it before you even realize it’s happened. She made my wedding day so amazing for not only me but my family as well because we were all able to relax and enjoy ourselves because we knew she was on top of it all.


I just want to take the time to thank Luba for all her hard work planning my dream wedding. When I first got engaged I told my finance that I wanted to get married in Cabo. Right away Luba was found and hired. She was always easy to get a hold of when I had a question or needed something. She was able to find us a variety of different vendors and did cake tasting for us since we were not there. My finance and I only had to go to Cabo 2 times before the big day! Luba always reminded me not worry and let her do the worrying if needed! Luba thank you for all your hard work for making my dream wedding a reality! I had an amazing time and will always be thankful!!!! 🙂



Thank you so much to Luba and her wonderful team at the Cabo Villas for making our special day the most amazing and relaxed wedding ever. From the ease of contact to the completely non stressful day of our wedding. Everything was as promised and we are forever grateful.
I wouldn’t have changed a thing from the beautiful rose petals to the fun we had saying our vows. We were made to feel very special and relaxed for our day.
We had the most amazing massages the morning of our wedding, and then relaxed on the beach having drinks and no worries knowing our wedding was in good hands. The spa arranged for my hair to be styled, again Wow!!!
I need to thank Daniel Jireh our amazing photographer who was book by Luba. He took the most amazing photos and caught us and our personalities
Again we will never forget our beautiful day on Medano Beach. Our wedding day made the two of us become one and we are forever grateful. We had everything we asked for and more. The staff at Cabo Villas went above and beyond our expectations. The food and service was amazing for our romantic dinner on the beach . Our wedding service was intimate and simple like we asked. Thank you for making our destination wedding easy. We will be back on our anniversary in April, see you guys all again soon.



I want to share our gratitude for all you did to make our wedding day such a beautiful and memorable one for Ulysses and I.

Your hard work and professionalism was consistent from start to finish. You did an amazing job selecting the best vendors for our cake, flowers and music which added the perfect touches that we wanted. What we appreciate the most is all the extra work you put in like taking us to Costco, helping us search for specific wines, the extra work you put in to give our favor a personal touch, and putting together a welcome dinner that our guests will remember for years to come. Through out this process I knew I could count on you to deliver everything we wanted to make the wedding of our dreams.  So many people that we were very relaxed and stress free for a couple who was planning their wedding, we owe that all to you. Thank you for making our wedding day the best day of our lives! See you next year on our anniversary trip. Lots of love,


Luba, I will never forget the first time you and I spoke. I was not convinced that I needed a Wedding Coordinator to help me with my wedding, after all, I have planned many multi million dollar projects in my career. I am so happy to eat my words once again – I would never have been able to achieve the “Wedding of my Dreams” without you! It was hard at first to trust someone that I had never met face to face, but you quickly turned me around and became the confidant that I desperately needed, at such a milestone event in my life. With just some mild hints at what I liked you found the perfect guitarist for the ceremony and reception (thanks again Francisco – you were fantastic!!!), the oh so perfect cake creator for the exact cake I envisioned, and the flowers and huppa to put the finishing touches on the most romantic wedding on the beach I could imagine. And the dinner on the beach – as my brother kept saying – “it was like out of a movie!” – you guided me on all of the right menus and finishing touches. I could go on and on – as you can tell, I will never forget the whole experience which you ladies made so fabulous – so PLEASE feel free to use me as a reference when ever you like. If anyone has any doubts as to whether there is value to the service you provide – I can assure them that they have yet to think about the many ways in which you will show your value. But most of all, I am now happy to call you ladies “Friends” – you have touched my life in a way which I will never forget, and I look forward to our visits when I return to Cabo again. Take care my friends!!!!


Hi Luba!

It’s so great to hear from you! Our wedding was amazing, and we have you mostly to thank for that! You were so on top of everything and very helpful through out the whole process. I could not have asked for a better wedding planner! When it comes to the wedding photography, we were VERY happy! They were very professional and we have gotten so many compliments on our pictures. Everything thinks they belong in a wedding magazine! The food and cake was also completely perfect! the flavors were to die for, and the staff was so nice and on point. I have some friends that I might be referring to you in the future because they are thinking about getting married in Cabo, so we will have to remain in touch! We hope you are doing well and send you our love!


Brittney, Mitch and Kingston Gladstone



Thank you so much for making our special day an unforgettable one!  All of our guests are still talking about our wedding and many have adopted Cabo as their new favorite vacation spot!  Several guests commented that our wedding was the “best family wedding,” and that says a lot coming from a big Italian family where we have several weddings each year.

There was so much that you did for us, I don’t even really know where to begin.  The initial reason we decided to go with your services was due to the fact that working with you felt more like a friendship than a business relationship.  I knew we were not just another couple to you and that you would do everything in your power to make sure our special day was exactly as we had envisioned.  I am so glad that we made that decision and there is simply NO WAY we could have planned our wedding without you!

From day one, I made it clear that we had a budget and that we were going to stick to it.  I had so many different décor ideas and you ran all around town trying to find something that would fit our budget and our vision.  You didn’t give up until we found exactly what we wanted.  I am a perfectionist (AKA pain in the butt AKA control freakJ) and yet you never made me feel like any request was too big and were always happy to help.  I can’t thank you enough for being patient with me.  I am someone that likes to see and touch things so planning our entire wedding from another country without ever seeing anything was scary.  It was difficult for me to envision how it would all come together but in the end, everything exceeded my expectations.  Although we had some initial challenges at the resort we selected for our venue, you constantly reassured me that you would be there to take care of everything, and you did.

We planned several events during our stay and you showed up at every single one to make sure things went perfect.  We certainly didn’t expect you to be at every event, but there you were, at my sister’s birthday dinner, our bonfire event, rehearsal dinner and get together after the rehearsal, wow!  That just shows your character and how you go above and beyond.  I certainly know, had we hired a different wedding planner, that we would have not received the level of service that we received working with you.  From stocking our room in advance with all of our goodies to assemble our welcome baskets, to taking Gino’s suit to the local dry cleaner, to purchasing our wedding alcohol at Costco to save us money and then returning what we didn’t use, you offered services that we didn’t expect and did it all with a smile on your face!


The day of, you coordinated everything with the hotel and took care of all of the set-up so we didn’t have to worry about anything accept getting ready.  You saved us appetizers from cocktail hour since we didn’t have a chance to eat and at the end of the night you even had extra pieces of cake waiting in our room for us.  All of our belongings were back in our room so we didn’t have to worry about misplacing anything and you even had our room decorated with rose petals and a hot bubble bath waiting for us, wow!  I could literally go on and on with all the little things you did for us.  We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work for one of the most important days of our lives!  Please pass on our contact information to anyone who would like to speak to us regarding your services.  We can’t wait to come back to Cabo and next time, we will definitely have to take you out!!

Christel & Gino Vincent


Dear Luba,

Dave and I wanted to take a moment to thank-you for helping make our vow renewal ceremony a beautiful and memorable experience. Everything was absolutely beautiful-from the minister, to the food, flowers and the photography. Our friends and family were amazed at the pictures and were impressed with the setting-which could not have been more spectacular.  Best of all, we felt completely comfortable with all of your advice, decisions, and guidance throughout the whole process. It was remarkably simple and enjoyable for both of us and your expertise helped make the trip a relaxing vacation, rather than a series of details and disruptions.

Once again, thank-you so much and we hope to visit you next time we return to Cabo (which we will do as soon as possible)!

Amber and David Miller



I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and success in planning such a beautiful wedding, even with the many challenges my husband and I, and the cruise-line, presented.  As a former event coordinator planning massive galas, telethons, golf tournaments, community events, etc., I was certain I could handle all the details for my destination wedding from afar and that I just needed someone onsite to execute it all.  I didn’t realize that when it came to planning my own special day, things would quickly become overwhelming.

We started running behind on decisions, and you were so kind and patient with us, over and over again.  One of the biggest examples was when my soon-to-be-husband basically changed all of the colors of the wedding less than two weeks before (by buying the wrong colored shirts – changing from blue to browns and oranges), you took it in stride and immediately offered some great options, and they were absolutely perfect.  I also panicked a bit while on the cruise ship, the night before we were to arrive, when I learned we were getting shuttled in 2 hours early, but that the ship was still on San Diego time(an hour different than Cabo, so it was really only an hour early) and an hour is harder to fill than 2 when you are moving 60 people around, but with less than twelve hours to go and without our being able to talk on the phone, you got my email from the ship, made arrangements to  have the buses there early, loaded with the beverages I requested,  arrange for a special visit to the Glass Factory (which I’m not even sure is normally open at that time) and get all 60 of those guests back on the bus and to the hotel bar in time for the pre-party to begin.  You absolutely saved my wedding!!! 

If I could go back in time and do it all again, I would have just put it all in your hands and trusted it would be beautiful.  And for those unforeseen scheduling issues, you were truly amazing – that you were so dutiful and got my email and had everything arranged and greeted us at the dock with no other communication between us – absolutely demonstrates your professionalism.  Please feel free to give my phone number to any of your clients or potential clients should they request a reference.

Thank you so very much.
Vaneesa and Larry Matthews



Hi Luba, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much we appreciate everything you did for our wedding.  We have had so many people ask us since we have been back how it was and I have told all of them that it was absolutely perfect!!  You made our day so magical and I cannot thank you enough.  Considering I had never met you and we did all of our correspondence through email, I can’t believe how well you put everything together for us! So many people afterwards complimented us on our wedding and many people staying at the resort asked us for your contact information so they could either have their wedding there or refer someone who wants to.

Everything from the ceremony to the AMAZING flowers, cake, music, and ambiance of the reception dinner was everything we have ever dreamed of and more!

It was wonderful to meet you, and again, I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and effort you put into making sure this day was the most wonderful day of our lives!!

With love and emmense gratitude,
Jarhad and Staci Bonner


The only bad thing about our wedding week, was that it had to end.  Luba, hands down made our wedding the most amazing day possible.  We knew that we wanted to have our closest friends and family somewhere magical for our wedding, so Cabo was an easy choice.  We were turned onto Luba through Cabo Villas Beach Resort and that was the best decision of the thousands that we had to make throughout the year.  To be completely honest, we had to be a wedding coordinator’s worst nightmare.  From the very beginning she did an amazing job in asking us questions and getting our input, but we weren’t the best at answering all of her questions.  While I’m sure this was very frustrating for her, she never let us know it once.  From the beach set up to our wedding party speeches, Luba was the one who set it all up.  She offered so many different options for every aspect of the wedding so we could have our wedding just the way we dreamed.  When certain aspects weren’t panning out the way we thought they would, Luba gave us her full effort to fix things.  All I ever dreamed of was to have white Cala Lillies in our wedding.  Unfortunately the weather in Mexico was so bad that they were no where to be found.  She looked and looked and was able to find cream colored Cala Lillies which were just as amazing.  We also wanted a very rare song to be played for our processional.  Not only was she able to find the song, she was also able to find a musician who learned the song and played it for us.  It was one of the many great things that made our wedding perfect.  Cake was not really a big interest of ours, we weren’t even sure if we wanted it or not.  Luba checked with so many vendors and came up with a cake that was not only incredibly affordable but also so delicious.  She met with us the very first day and had a clear cut agenda of all the things we needed to answer and take care of and that was it.  We were able to enjoy the rest of the week without one worry about our wedding.  Even though she didn’t have a role in the rehearsal dinner, she showed up and helped out to make that night amazing as well.  Every aspect of our wedding was so amazing thanks to her.  It would be impossible to do it all without a wedding coordinator, and there is not a better one than Luba!  Thanks Luba we love you!



Pues como te imaginas, no tenemos más que decir que THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART!! Lo había leido, lo había visto pero hasta que nos toco vivirlo no dejabamos de creer lo maravilloso que son ustedes como cordinadoras, como seres humanos, como angeles.

Todo lo que fue uds, sus proveedores y personal fueron maravillosos.

Creo que todos lo notaron y sí fuí la persona más feliz del mundo por todo, absolutamente todo, igual Roberto.

Cada cosa me brindaba una sonrisa, la huppa, las flores, la música, el pastel, la ceremonia, la fogata, los globos,
bueno todo absolutamente todo fue increible..
Cigar roller, maravilloso!! el show de Happenings!! espectacular y algo que nadie olvidará.

La ballena en la ceremonia (pues solo te puedo decir que eso fue lo que le pedi a mi abuelo, suena tonto estando en los cabos y en temporada de ballenas, pero yo quería saber que estaba presente pq justo al momento de la ceremonia tenía que llegar una ballena ahí frente a nosotros y así fue – el jueves antes lo habíamos ido a llevar al mar, tal y como lo pidio, así que estamos seguros que como a Pinocho, la ballena se lo comió y por eso supo llegar justo frente al Sheraton al momento adecuado)..Claro, los invitados supieron que fueron las coordinadoras quienes dieron la orden para liberarla y que fuera parte de la ceremonia, ji ji…algunos sí se la creyeron.

Nos gustaría seguir en contacto con uds, para lo que sea o necesiten así como su amistad. Muchas gracias por ir más de la extra mile con todo, por haber arreglado la habitación, guardar el pastel.

No recuerdo que más pero les queremos agradecer por todo, hasta lo que no haya mencionado..
Su presencia en “Mi Casa” también fue super especial, gracias por su desvelada ya que las alejamos de su casita.

Seguimos estando felices, tal vez pq seguimos en la Luna de miel, como dice la gente pero yo más bien creo que
despues de las lecciones/golpes que la vida nos ha dado, esto es lo que uno debe de aprender a vivir día con día, a
ser feliz, a disfrutar cada momento, sí claro hay diferencias y tenemos que acostumbrarnos a vivir juntos pero
no dejamos de ser felices aún en los momentos de errores, de fallas y de batalla..
Se que es  como disco rayado de tanto repetirlo pero mil gracias!!

Nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a todos los proveedores por haber formado parte de una noche tan única e inolvidable para nosotros, sabemos que para ellos es su chamba pero para nosotros fue hacer que la boda fuera mágica y maravillosa, un cuento mágico donde todo era increible, una sorpresa tras otra y mucha mucha felicidad.

Las queremos mucho y les deseamos alegría, felicidad, salud y muchas bodas tan exitosas como la nuestra.

Lots of love,
Beto y Maris


Dearest Luba


We cannot begin to thank you enough for going above and beyond our expectations and giving us the destination wedding of our dreams.  You handled every little detail for us and did not hestitate to go further and ask about the things that we had sometimes forgotten about!  I know that our wedding was the first traditional Persian wedding you had done, but you handled it as though you had done a million!!  Your talent and attention to detail is amazing!  We always felt so at ease and were really able to enjoy the most important day of our lives.  Our guests still cannot stop talking about how beautiful and perfect everything was, and what a great time they had and we have you both to thank for that!  More importantly, we feel like we have made two new amazing lifelong friends and we can’t wait to see you guys again.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Lots of love,
Arezou & Roubin


Hi Luba

Our pictures came in and were AMAZING! Tomas did such a good job and we were so pleased with the final result

Russ and I decided to get married in Cabo San Lucas after already making plans for a wedding here in Orange County. We love vacationing in Cabo but we also got engaged in Cabo San Lucas on Lover’s Beach and from the beginning of wedding planning Cabo was calling us. Beginning to plan a wedding here locally we just weren’t that excited and something inside was telling us the venue wasn’t “us”. Most places don’t allow you to go past 10:00 pm, the food is usually so- so and frankly a lot of the weddings are cheesy or cookie cutter. We didn’t want to conform to all the normality’s of a typical wedding, we wanted something different. We wanted a natural outdoor setting, late night dancing, and great food and above everything else, we wanted our wedding to be FUN!  Planning a wedding mostly over email  was convenient and of course nerve wrecking because you loose some control over the planning. I had so many questions and thoughts, and you made me feel comfortable from the beginning and always answered my questions. You were always so friendly and helped us through the wedding process. We want to thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put into it.

Ceremony: You did a great job getting me ready in the room and keeping us on track for starting the ceremony. The chairs looked beautiful with the green chiffon fabric tied on them and the colors really popped next to the Ocean. The Huppa was beautiful and exactly what we wanted, the bamboo runner and the petals were beautiful. The last minute addition that you suggested of the lanterns were perfect, it really made the aisle look SO beautiful. The timing of the wedding party walking down the aisle was perfect.  Diego and the guitar player were really amazing and did such a good job.  Not to mention the weather was perfect!

Reception: The reception area looked beautiful! The colors and the candles were so beautiful! The greeting table with our framed photo for signature was perfect. You even let us borrow your own tree with the twinkle lights which was so thoughtful. The tables were arranged perfectly and it really was so romantic and the vibe we were looking for. I loved that little area in the hotel and it really transformed into something special. At the end of the night you and my Mom cleaned up everything and you gathered all the stuff I left behind which was above and beyond what you had to do and I thank you so much for that.

Flowers- My bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets were SO stunning, the colors were vibrant and beautiful. I would really recommed using Hydrangeas for Cabo weddings, they were SO beautiful! We wanted to keep a smaller budget for flowers as we know it can be really costly to have a lot of them and you had such good suggestions to keep the costs down. There was a last minute problem with the centerpiece flowers as they arrived wilted so you couldn’t use them and had to do a last minute improvisation. The Hydrangeas looked amazing

Food- The food was amazing and everyone loved it. Great flavor and presentation and just overall delicious. Also the staff at the hotel was very accommodating during our wedding.
Music – The DJ was awesome and he played all of our songs and did a great job, great recommendation!
Thank you again Luba for everything.


Hi Lubba!

You were absolutely AMAZING!!!  Not only did we love you, but everyone in our family and all our friends kept commenting on how wonderful our wedding coordinator is!  There is not a single thing I would change about the weekend, how everything turned out, or anything that you did and helped us do.  Everything was just perfect.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  You really made our wedding weekend unforgettable, relaxing, and care-free.  There was not a single moment where I felt stressed out or had to worry about any detail.  You just took care of everything behind the scenes, anticipated our every need, and made it possible for us to just relax and enjoy all the fesitivities.  We would be more than happy to provide any testimonial, although I don’t think any praise of you can be glowing enough.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Thanks again to you and your sister, for all the great work!  You guys are amazing and we had the best time!!!


Shirley & Ian